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Pronouns - it/its/itself or they/them/themself


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By . I don’t know why you’re not at  right now, but you better get over there!

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when u go outside after sitting on tumblr for hours and ur overwhelmed by all the heterosexuality in the world

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My gender is not up for debate

I’m cranky that this seems to be going down some reblog tunnel, like isn’t that such a good example of how trans women in queer spaces works? Like we get attacked, and then defend ourselves however, and then some nice, easily palatable catchphrase gets taken from the context of painful defensive retort and used as an inspirational quote to support the oppressive class, thereby erasing the struggle of trans women as something separate from general queer shenanigans. They want the quote, but they don’t want all the other stuff that goes with it. This is a pretty tame, no biggy example, but still… ugh…

I’m not sure how the phrase “My gender is not up for debate” would resonate with the oppressive class. This statement you’re trying to make seems very contrived. 

I would totally recommend conversing with vivianv1visection. Most hilarious shit ever. 

What is a fuck boy?


Find one of these.

I found one but all I saw was god’s gift to humanity 

  • Therapist: *goes onto talk about how my family shouldn't chew each other out when we accidentally hurt each others feelings*
  • Me: But what about vengeance?
  • Therapist: An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.
  • Me: That quote was debunked.




Shoutout to all the trans girls with unsupportive moms (or no mom at all) who basically have to teach themselves how to be women

"Have to teach themselves how to be women"
?????? Nice misogyny and gender role enforcement.

Gee sorry that doing some “traditionally feminine” things lessens dysphoria for some of us now get off my post you moldy fuckin crouton

I’m sure that your post’s implication that the failure to uphold “traditionally feminine” things is an example of trans girls “not being women” is really helping them alleviate dysphoria. 

This post would have been so much better if you said “how to be feminine” instead of “how to be women.”


Bisexual trans men are still men. Gay trans men are still men. Feminine trans men are still men.

Dysphoria, not gender roles or who he fucks, makes a trans man a man.

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If you are a woman I urge you to reconsider.

If you reconsider being a woman and end up still being a woman then I urge you to reconsider what being a woman entails.

Eviscerate your femininity, hollow it out of the all the poisons it is made of and create something new. Will you still be a woman after that point? Maybe, maybe not. But you will be better. You will be a person, instead of an object.

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